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4 `frightening' Halloween treats that aren't tricky to make

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to plan for the big parties.

There's nothing more fun than a haunted cake. If it's a graveyard you want, try putting the names of your guests on these Fig Newton tombstones. Or, if you want a show stopper try the Flaming Ghost Cake.

Graveyard Cake

Make a haunting treat.

1 sheet cake

Chocolate frosting

Halloween candies

Fig Newtons (or flat, square cookies)

Pastry bag with decorator tip

White and green frosting

Frost the sheet cake with chocolate frosting. For each grave, lay two cookies flat on the cake. At the head of each cookie grave, set another cookie at a 45-degree angle to form the headstone, propping it up with a bit of frosting and Halloween candy. Decorate or write on each headstone with white frosting, and make blades of grass around each grave with the green frosting.

Spook Sticks

Wrap white chocolate Spook Sticks in plastic and tie with a ribbon for party favors.

3 pounds white chocolate

Aluminum foil

Oil or vegetable spray

15 to 20 wooden ice cream sticks

40 miniature chocolate chips

Melt chocolate over a double-boiler, taking care not to boil the chocolate or get water in it. Stir until smooth. Cover a baking sheet with foil and grease lightly. Dip the sticks into the melted chocolate until 2" to 3" are coated and place them on a baking sheet, about 4" apart. (Vigorously stir melted chocolate each time you use it.) Pour the outline of the ghost with a small stream of melted chocolate and then fill it in. Before the ghost hardens, put two chocolate chips in place for the eyes. Refrigerate on baking sheets until chocolate is firm. Makes 15 to 20 ghosts.

Chocolate Ghost Pie

No trick to make, but a real treat to eat!

Chocolate pie

Whipped topping

2 chocolate candies

Pipe whipped topping in a pressurized can or regular whipping cream in a pastry bag into the shape of a ghost on top of the pie. Fill in the outline with more whipped topping. Add 2 chocolate candies for the eyes.

Flaming Ghost Cake

Light up your party with this playful cake!

1 sheet cake

1 to 2 cups chocolate frosting

1 cup white frosting

Black string licorice

2 empty eggshells, halved and rinsed

2 sugar cubes

Lemon extract

Bake a sheet cake and frost with chocolate frosting. Make a ghost shape on the cake with white frosting. Outline the ghost shape with black string licorice. Place the clean empty eggshell halves, like small cups, where the eyes should be. Place a sugar cube that has been soaked in lemon extract into each shell. When ready to serve, light the sugar cubes and turn off the lights.