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Health Fair is Wednesday at Edison Elementary

Students at Edison Elementary School will enjoy a "Fun Fest Health Fair" on Wednesday, Oct. 15. The 600 students will first take part in a screening process that will be followed up with health care where needed.

Eight screeners from the Society to Prevent Blindness will do vision screening at the school. The University of Utah's College of Nursing will be sending three nurse practitioners and the Good Neighbor Bus with Drs. Doug Woodbury and Wayne Cottem will be on hand with 10 dental screeners from Weber State University.A follow-up phase will bring the Good Neighbor Bus with Dr. George S. Tanner and the Lion Club with free eyeglasses. The N.W. Community Health Clinic and Blue Cross "Caring for Children," Weber State University and the 4th Street Clinic will also provide after-care.

While the health fair will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the children and their parents will be entertained at a "fun fest" from 5 to 7 p.m. Free treats will include hot dogs and candy and free balloons, cameras, toys and surprise gifts will be given out. Bikes, toys and cameras are being donated by Catholic Charities and children will enter a drawing for these prizes. Other companies donating to the health fair are Albertsons, Performance Systems, Dental House Call, Sabala Brothers, Payless Drug, Bromar Co., Catholic Charities, Dan's Foods, SLC School District and Spin Cycle.