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`Mapped Out' is a treasure of a whodunit

If these hints are not enough to pique the interest of young readers, consider the other characters: Bianca Beare, a world-renowned blind detective; Lori Stori, who is the grandson of Scari Stori and who actually is responsible for losing Snookums; Eyeballs, the active energetic assistant to the detective (actually the reader!) and the Bad Guys, who are the perpetrators of the terrible deed of kidnapping Snookums.

As Eyeballs (that's you, the reader) is given clues to follow on subway maps, mall directories, ballpark seating charts and museum diagrams, Bianca Beare cheers the detective work along, sitting in her specially constructed rocking chair. The reader will meet Mr. Hoojy at the market, then skip, bunny hop, gallop and duck-walk across Pointless Park, ask help of Officers Dimble and Laggin while recording detective notes (that Snookums eats with zest!).

There are other clues, too, in train timetables, vacation itineraries, phone books and additional messages left in strategic spots such as Locker No. 47 in the Spittsburg Science Center.

If the many clues are followed carefully, the reader will achieve the award certificate "Master of Mappery." This is a fun adventure with many interactive devices.

Baicker-McKee lives in Pittsburgh, Penn., with her husband and three children who are avid treasure-mappers! Her inspiration for "Mapped Out!," she claims, comes from struggling to master the wacky streets of Pittsburgh.

Covey and husband, Mikel, partners in a graphic design company, live in Salt Lake City. The art for "Mapped Out!" was produced on a computer. Covey is currently president of the Salt Lake City chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

- TRACI O'VERY COVEY will be signing "Mapped Out! The Search for Snookums" at the King's English Bookstore on Saturday, Oct. 18, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information call 484-9100.