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Ogden OKs plan to extend parkway trails nearly 5 miles

The City Council has signed off on a plan to extend existing Ogden River Parkway trails nearly five more miles south to the city limits.

Under the plan approved by the council last week, the trails along the Ogden and Weber rivers will be completed by 2001.Development of the extension will cost about $2.6 million. Land acquisition is estimated at between $1.5 million and $2.1 million.

Plans to build a comprehensive trail system along the two rivers were proposed as early as 1969, Ogden planner Fred Aegerter said. However, in 1973, voters rejected an $8.7 million plan that included a system of sports complexes and major recreational developments.

In 1991, a pathway council approved the path that now extends from Ogden Canyon to Washington Boulevard. The plan approved this week continues that trail west to the Weber River.