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1910 baseball trophy is lost again, and Murray fans want it home

It's gone again.

The ever-elusive 1910 Salt Lake Evening Telegram trophy, once the symbol of state semipro baseball supremacy, has been lost for the second time this century.And the Murray City Preservation Board hopes somebody out there will help find it. Please?

Mary Ann Kirk, the city's cultural arts director, said the preservation board wants to put the trophy on display in a showcase with other historic artifacts.

After all, it had been won by Murray's 1910 semipro team, and that's worth at least a historical footnote somewhere.

But the trick is finding it.

The trophy, a large silver cup with elegant curved handles, was lost once before, only to be discovered in 1947 in a Salt Lake County government workshop.

A member of the old semipro team, the late Ernest "Cy" Wright, then turned the trophy over to a local family, the Houssers, that included descendants of four of the original team members.

The return of the silver cup was celebrated back then by a lengthy story and a four-column photograph in a local newspaper.

But that was 50 years ago, and the trophy has once again dropped out of sight.

"Nobody in the Housser family knows what happened to it after it was found the first time," Kirk said.

So, the city and the Housser family would appreciate it if local residents would check the corners of their closets, basements and attics for a large silver cup with fancy handles.

If you find one, call Mary Ann Kirk at 264-2638.

With a showcase for a home, she said, "it won't be lost again."