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6 hours to change 8 bulbs?

A roommate of mine is working hard to get his life back in order after years of substance abuse. He has been sentenced to several hundred hours of community service for drug-related charges.

I've done my best to encourage him as he responsibly "repays his debt to society."But last week I was outraged when he came home and announced that he had just spent more than six hours changing eight light bulbs in the Utah County Building under the supervision of three full-time county employees. He laughed mockingly as he described his supervisors suggesting a two-hour break after replacing only two bulbs, and wondered how he might become employed by the county so he could be paid for that kind of behavior.

When I pay my taxes, I expect a lot. But with all of the financial mismanagement of our hard-earned tax dollars and a work ethic our pioneer forebears would abhor, is it any wonder we get so little for so much from our governments?

Rod Ririe