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Artist/animator to teach S.L. class

Cable Ace Award-winning art-ist/animator Frank Mancuso (animator for the HBO special "Richard Jeni: Platypus Man") will teach a clay animation film class.

The four-day class will be held Oct. 18, 19, 25 and 26, from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., at Mancuso's Salt Lake studio, 580 W. Broadway (300 South).In it, students will collaborate with Mancuso on the production of a short film. They will also be taught the principles of creating a professional-quality 3D animation film, from concept to finished project, on a limited budget.

Featured class topics will be storyboarding, character and set design, moldmaking, soldering, simple physics and basic cinematography, camera work and lighting. Materials include latex, gypsum cements, foams, clays, resins and metals.

Cost for the class is $300, which includes all the materials needed. Enrollment is limited to five students.

To register or for more information, contact Mancuso at 1-801-322-4722 or 1-801-297-2142.