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Albertsons faces lawsuit in Nevada

Nevada has been added to the list of states where the nation's fourth largest food and drug retailer is being accused of forcing employees to work uncompensated overtime or risk dismissal or demotion.

Another class-action lawsuit has been filed against Albertsons Inc., this time in Las Vegas, charging the company with a "pattern of widespread wage abuses" that violates state and federal laws requiring compensation for actual hours worked.The company allegedly gives job assignments that they know cannot be completed in the allotted work day, forcing workers "through intimidation and threats of discharge" to use their own time to finish the work.

Although the legal action names two former employees, it estimates that as many as 1,000 current and past employees are owed compensation by the corporation.

Similar suits have been filed in a number of the other states where Albertsons operates.

Albertsons offers bonuses to managers whose stores keep recorded work hours to a minimum, according to the lawsuit.

Even managers are alleged to have been pressured into not recording all the hours they work to reduce costs and increase profits.