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Mailman delivers one-liners on sitcom

Jazzman, premier power forward, all-star, NBA MVP . . . sitcom star?

On Wednesday, the Mailman had his second shot at television comedy stardom this year, appearing in an episode of NBC's "The Tony Danza Show." (He also did an episode of "Fired Up" earlier this year.)Malone acquitted himself relatively well, although his assignment wasn't exactly a challenge - he played himself. It was a nice plug for the Mailman, what with references to his most valuable player award and his being "one of the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA."

In the episode, Danza's character, sports columnist Tony DiMeo, was the guest host of a sports-radio call-in show. And Malone was a guest on the show.

Of course, there's at least some degree of irony in having Malone appear on a sports-talk radio program, given that he has recently expressed his displeasure about the callers to local stations. (And has had running feuds with some local sports-radio personalities.) Not to mention the fact that Malone's wife recently spent several minutes on KFNZ (K-Fan) complaining about the callers who were complaining about the Mailman.

Sports was not the major topic of conversation on the fictional radio program on "The Tony Danza Show." When Tony asked Karl a basketball question, his response was, "I don't know, Tony. I want to talk about my trucks."

The best line of the episode was Danza's, when he went to commercial by saying, "And we'll be back right after this word for Michael Jordan cologne."

Malone responded with a surly look.

It wasn't his most energetic performance, but he didn't embarrass himself. And, while Malone has expressed his desire to perhaps take up acting as a post-basketball career . . . he probably shouldn't give up his day job anytime soon.