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TV questions and answers

Question: My old cronies enjoy listening to Don Imus on the radio. We'd like to see the TV program. What areas of the country carry the TV Imus?

-A.C., Sparta, Ill.

Answer: Imus in the Morning is simulcast weekday mornings beginning at 7 (EDT) on MSNBC.

Question: I have greatly enjoyed the Discovery Channel series "The Travelers." I have seen each show often. Will more shows be filmed?

-R.P., Beaverton, Ore.

Answer: A new season of premiere episodes began Sept. 29 on Discovery. The six young travelers will visit 60 cities this season, including Atlanta, Barcelona, New Orleans, Seoul and Paris.

Question: I have a question about the woman who plays Ellen's mom on her show. Did she not play a character on the old time soap "Edge of Night?" I think her name was Stephanie or Samantha and she was an eccentric.

-D.V., Newark, Ohio

Answer: A veteran TV actress, Alice Hirson was the original Eileen Seigel on "One Life to Live" (1972-76). Before that she was "Edge of Night" villainess Stephanie Martin (1969-70). "Dallas" fans may recall she played Mavis Anderson (1982-88). And now she's Ellen's mom Lois on the ABC sitcom "Ellen."

Question: Mark Harmon has always been my favorite actor. Am I right in remembering the first TV movie I saw him in was "Flamingo Road," starring Morgan Fairchild?

-A.G., Abilene, Texas

Answer: After his days as a star quarterback at UCLA (1972-73), Harmon turned to acting. He did star in the "Flamingo Road" movie in 1980, and later in the series, but it wasn't his first TV appearance. He'd had many guest roles and done the TV movies "Little Mo" (1978) and "Centennial" (1978-79). His series roles include "Sam," "240-Robert," "Flamingo Road," "St. Elsewhere," "Moonlighting," "Reasonable Doubts" and, currently, "Chicago Hope."