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Fall kills teen rappeler in Farmington Canyon

A Bountiful teenager died after falling off a cliff while rappelling in Farmington Canyon Wednesday.

Killed was:Michael Terry, 17, Bountiful.

Terry and friend Matthew Nelson, 16, Bountiful, were rappelling down a cliff west of Sunset Campground about 5 p.m. when the accident took place, said Davis County Sheriff's Lt. Roger Anderson.

Nelson told authorities Terry rappelled down a 300-foot cliff, reached a ledge and disconnected himself from the rope so that his friend could follow.

As Nelson prepared to descend, he heard what he thought was a rock falling. But when he looked down, he saw Terry had fallen about 30 feet down to the bottom of the cliff, Anderson said.

Apparently, Terry got too close to the edge or slipped off the ledge, Anderson said. He fell into some trees before hitting the rocky ground.

Nelson rappelled down to his friend and called to nearby hikers for help. A search and rescue team responded to the scene and Terry's body was taken out of the canyon by 9 p.m.

Terry was pronounced dead at the scene.