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Sri Lanka stock exchange moved to secret location

Sri Lanka's stock exchange was moved to a secret location Thursday, a day after a truck bomb devastated its headquarters and other parts of Colombo's business district.

Eighteen people died in the bombings and subsequent gun battles with rebels in the Sri Lankan capital.Isuru Tilakawardena, a senior official of the Colombo Stock Exchange, said trading resumed for an hour Thursday despite heavy damage to the main computer system. He said a full day of trading was planned for Friday at the undisclosed location. The move was made for security reasons, he said.

Tilakawardena said a few brokerage houses that, like the stock exchange, were located in Colombo's World Trade Center were facing logistical problems following Wednesday's violence.

"These teething factors may add to further delays," he added.

The center, officially opened on Sunday, was one of 18 buildings damaged Wednesday.