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Flowers, vegetables bloom as All-America selections

The 1998 All-America selections are an impatiens flower, a petunia, an aromatic herb and a colorful vegetable with a rainbow of colors.

This is the 65th year of such awards by the AAS, which describes itself as a nonprofit trade group formed to evaluate flowers and vegetables from around the world.The impatiens is Victorian rose, which the judges described as the first impatiens with consistently semidouble flowers and large numbers of flowers.

The winners also include two vegetables, a lemon basil, Sweet Dani, and a chard, Bright Lights.

Bright Lights, say the judges, offers gardeners a brilliant rainbow of colors. Plant stems can be yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet or striped, in addition to the standard red or white.

Sweet Dani is a greatly improved aromatic herb desirable for its culinary and ornamental values.

The petunia winner is Prism Sunshine, which is described as free-flowering with a creamy yellow color.