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Line-item veto well-used

I never thought that President Clinton would do something that I agree with, but he did when he used the line-item veto on the money to move three units off of Fort Douglas for the SLOC and most of all for the pompous University of Utah. Let's face it, the federal government was paying to clear ground so the U. got more ground for nothing!

Fort Douglas and the soldiers working there have been berated and harrassed by the U. and the press for not acquiescing to their desire for more property at no cost. The government should sell the property at the going rate (the Avenues prices) and require all moving expenses and reconstruction of new facilities for the units displaced by the greedy U. and the cheap SLOC be paid for by the same.What the press, the SLOC, congressional representatives and the U. forget is that the soldiers and units being messed with are residents, voters and community members of Salt Lake area also. Your shortsighted greed and antagonistic attitudes have driven a wedge between both parties.

I am sure that no one wants to have a successful Olympics more then the soldiers of Fort Douglas. This is after all their community and you can't find a more patriotic bunch of folks. Go back to the bargining table and do it right this time, treating the soldiers and the Army Reserve units at Fort Douglas with the same respect that you expect from everyone else. P.S. That party in Washington by Rep. Jim Hansen's staff was a tad too early and in extremely poor taste for a people's representative.

C. Allan Wood

West Jordan