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Mail system not delivering

Something is terribly wrong with the mail delivery in Midvale. I have complained about it for more than a year. Only recently I was directed to a manager. He promised to "do something about it." I am constantly getting other peoples' important mail and am very often not receiving my own. This happens at both my home and at my workplace. Several times I have received mail for someone on Sunbird Way. I live on 1000 East.

I recently received mail for a family on 100 West. I hand-delivered it to them, and they told me one of the biggest "shockers" of my life. "Oh, we have been receiving your mail for two years." Now surely they wrote "please forward" or "misdirected" on it. But I never got it. None of that type of mail ever showed up at my workplace. Where did it go? What if it had been something important like a paycheck, an IRS form, a Social Security check, a tax due notice, a driver's license? It must just get lost forever. Isn't that almost criminal?Shouldn't something be done about it? Though the Midvale post office blamed it on an antiquated sorting machine, why didn't the problem exist when "Chugga" Saldivar was the mailman? I think the problem lies with the deliverers. When the lady is on duty, things seem to always be fine. But she has a male substitute who also has his own occasional substitute, I am told. Why are they not more careful when mail is constantly returned to my box on the street marked "Delivered to wrong place"? How long does it take them to realize they are "fouling up"? (Two years apparently.) Can somebody somewhere please help? Are you other readers receiving similar treatment? Could we hear from you in the Forum? Help.

Earl V. Elmont