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Logan mayor may run a write-in campaign

Mayor Darla Clark, still the loser following a recount of primary votes, said she is considering running as a write-in candidate in November.

Clark was knocked out of the mayor's race when she placed third in the Oct. 7 primary behind former Mayor Newel Daines and retired Cache County Chamber of Commerce executive Doug Thompson.A recount Monday showed Clark received 1,230 votes - three fewer than the original tally. Thompson received 1,670, up four votes, and Daines 1,271, an increase of two votes. The recount, which took four hours and cost $650, was conducted Monday by Logan City Recorder Lois Price.

Clark, who was seeking a second four-year term, had been considered a strong contender even though she had drawn criticism for firing five department heads who were critical of her administration. Her chief of staff, Jim Ferguson, had been embroiled in a domestic violence dispute just weeks before the primary.

She sought a recount "because of probable error or mistake being made in counting or returning the votes cast in the voting districts."

Clark said she is contemplating a write-in campaign.