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Monitor funding for 2002

In this letter, I wish to remind all Utah taxpayers of the promise that was made to us shortly after the proponents of the 2002 Winter Games being held in Utah proved to us that our votes are worthless. "Tax money will not be used to finance the 2002 Utah Winter Games." I would suggest that we all need to be especially diligent in monitoring all aspects of the Olympic planning schemes. Watch and see how many of our local politicians or paid public employees attend the upcoming Olympic Games in Nagano. Just how many separate venues will they need to attend and for what reasons?

Finally, taxpayers and fellow citizens of Utah should follow all the money trails. Find out who is using what money and for what and from whence the money is coming. Don't be too dismayed or shocked if you find that someone has pulled another scam on your pocketbook. Remember, Utah is ripe for such scams. We are known as the scam capital of the country. Don't bet your pocketbook on the honesty of your local politician.We have been assured the monies used to further the Olympic (business) cause will not lead back to our pockets or to the tax coffers. We need not wait to see if we have already been scammed. Wake up, Utah. In case you have not heard, our votes are worthless, and democracy is dead in Utah. Greed is alive and well.

L. Ernest Johnson

Salt Lake City