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`Rash' of anti-Nike sentiment cropping up around the NBA

Shaq doesn't care to strut in a swoosh. Joe Dumars says he must be allergic to the ubiquitous Nike logo.

Welcome to the latest chapter of insignia insurrection among basketball stars.Shaquille O'Neal is putting tape over the Nike logo on his Los Angeles Lakers warmup suit because he is under contract with rival Reebok and doesn't want to appear to be endorsing a rival's product. During games, the logo is not an issue because the swoosh does not appear on his team's jerseys or shorts.

Dumars also has a problem with Nike, but it's nothing like O'Neal's. Dumars has developed a rash while wearing the Detroit Pistons' new practice shirts and game uniforms, which are designed by Nike.

"I think I'm allergic to the swoosh," said Dumars, a long-time Adidas endorser.

The Pistons switched from Champion apparel to Nike for this season, and Dumars began developing a rash.

"It's not big, blotchy sores, but it's itching and aching," Pistons trainer Mike Abdenour said. "It's one of those things where we have to protect him and correct the problem."

Nike is supplying uniforms, warmups and practice apparel to 10 teams, Champion is outfitting 10 teams and Starter is doing nine. Logos do not appear on game uniforms. Champion had the league-wide contract last year.

"We're aware of the O'Neal situation and are looking into it," NBA spokeswoman Hillary Cassidy said. "The Dumars situation is a totally different issue - it just seems to be an allergic reaction."