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Endowment mismanaged

Why do Sens. Hatch and Bennett continue to support NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) when there is overwhelming evidence that this agency should be eliminated? In letters I have received from them, they both seem to feel that because a few Utah cities and groups receive some money from NEA, this agency should continue. In my opinion, this is not well-grounded or rational reasoning.

There are many other factors which should be taken into consideration. For example, there is evidence of gross NEA mismanagement. NEA inspector general's March 1993 report found "57 percent of NEA's reported grants projects costs were not reconcilable with accounting records, 74 percent of personnel costs charged to grants were not supported by adequate documentation and 79 percent of required independent audits were not in compliance with Office of Managements & Budget guidelines for federal grants." (Oct. 5, Washington Times Weekly ).According to L. Brent Bozell III, Oct. 5 Washington Times Weekly article, your taxes will soon be funding pornography on the Internet.

The Franklin Furnace (notorious New York center frequented by pornographic performance artists) "is selling its real estate for $500,000 to match a half-million dollar challenge grant from the NEA."

"NEA boss Jane Alexander told the gay-left magazine the Advocate she intended to 'introduce people gently to gay themes across the country.' " (Oct. 5 Washington Times Weekly) She is certainly accomplishing her goal and "we the people" do nothing to hinder her and allow our own tax-money to corrupt the nation.

Carol Nuffer