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Allen lawyer won't cost Davis a cent

Paul Allen, accused of contracting the slaying of his wife to collect on her insurance, will be represented by one of the state's pre-eminent defense attorneys.

And it won't, as feared, cost Davis County a cent. County officials were worried that the legal bills for Allen, who had claimed to be indigent, would top $100,000.In a last-minute notice Tuesday, the county learned that Salt Lake attorney Ron Yengich will represent Allen with an anonymous benefactor footing the bill.

"Who I'm retained by really is no one's business," Yengich said. "We have been retained by a third party. Paul Allen's family doesn't have any money."

Paul Allen's family has said they have been instructed not to comment on the funding source.

"I'm sure that the County Commission is relieved that they, so to speak, dodged a bullet on that one," County Attorney Mel Wilson said.

The county has already contracted with Salt Lake attorney James Bradshaw for up to $80,000 to represent George Anthony Taylor, the man accused of actually killing Jill Allen.

The county has also contracted with Salt Lake attorney Lonie De Land for up to $20,000 to represent Joseph Sergious Wright, the man police say acted as the middleman between Taylor and Allen.

Wilson said the county has paid out $80,000 in attorney's fees in the case.

Wilson said Allen's case will most likely go all the way to trial, and his defense could have topped $100,000.

Yengich said Allen's family has always wanted him to represent Allen, and he expressed an interest to contract with the county to continue with his defense. But last week the county decided Ogden attorney John Caine would be hired for the job.

Wilson said choosing Caine was in the county's best interest.

"Do we have to appoint somebody because his family prefers him?" Wilson said. "No, as long as the attorney is qualified to try a capital murder case."

Wilson said the county was aware of Allen's preference for Yengich when it made the decision.

County officials wouldn't say if they picked Caine to force Allen to hire Yengich himself or find someone who would.

"Financially, it's good news for Davis County," said County Commissioner Dan McConkie.