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N.Y. interfaith service honors the unclaimed dead

New Yorkers who have died in poverty and have no family or friends to bury them were remembered before God Wednesday at an interfaith service in New York led by Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy.

Touched by reports that 200 unclaimed bodies are placed each week in New York's potter's field - a burial ground for unclaimed corpses - the clergy prayed for God to receive them into heaven with the love they did not receive in New York.Those remembered are New Yorkers who died in absolute poverty and did not have a relative or friend to claim their bodies and arrange a burial. An agency puts the bodies in wooden boxes and deposits them in mass graves, where they are numbered but not identified by name.

More than 750,000 bodies have been buried on Hart Island, the nation's biggest "potter's field." The term derived from the field bought with Judas' 30 pieces of silver and used for the burial of foreigners.