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The winners and losers

* Winner: Soon, even people with eyesight impairments will be able to enjoy a newspaper in Utah. Both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune will be available in a synthesized audio form via telephone as soon as a testing period for the service has been completed. What a marvelous advancement.

Newspapers are adept at providing more complete and in-depth coverage of the day's news, as well as entertaining features such as the comics and intellectually stimulating items on the editorial page. Often these things are not available from any other medium. Certainly, no one should have to miss out on this simply because they are unable to see.Loser: Let's skip the newly fashionable, and utterly tacky, practice of finding cute new names for cities along the Wasatch Front. "Best" Valley City was bad enough as a publicity campaign for Utah's second-largest city, West Valley City. Now Sandy City has (jokingly, we hope) suggested "Dandy City" for itself. As a Deseret News story noted earlier this week, not every city has a name that lends itself to this form of municipal boosterism. Thank goodness. We're just glad there are no pending incorporation drives out there that could be tempted to turn one of these monikers into a permanent source of embarrassment.

Loser: The CIA ought to be praised for finally releasing its overall budget figures this week, but we would be much happier if it had done so without a Freedom of Information lawsuit. Agency officials may have a point when they say they can't release detailed information about what they spend money on, but letting the world know they spent $26.6 billion in the past year is hardly going to compromise national security. It might, however, put pressure on the agency to be more austere. Why should spies have it any differently than the rest of us?

* Winner: Three cheers for Southwest Airlines, which was named best airline in America by Money Magazine. The award came after a survey of 1,017 air travelers. It wasn't close. People like Southwest's service, its baggage handling, safety record and on-time performance. The only thing they weren't too thrilled with was the food, scoring it dead last among major carriers.

But few people fly for the cuisine. Southwest has shown that so-called discount airlines can be operated safely, and Utahns should be glad the airline has decided to invest heavily in this market.