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Local births

Jordan Valley Hospital-

AIONO, Shelley and Apinati, West Jordan, boy, Oct. 14.

BURTON, Candy and Danien, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 13.

COTTERELL, Cynthia and Kim, Magna, boy, Oct. 12.

CREEGER, Tina and HULPHECO, Keith, Sandy, girl, Oct. 12.

GLOVER, Linnae and Scott, Bluffdale, boy, Oct. 9.

GODD, Lisa and Richard, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 9.

LIVINGSTON, Suzanna and Joseph, Draper, boy, Sept. 29.

MERRILL, Augest and Jess, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 13.

NYE, Camille and Chad, West Valley, girl, Oct. 11.

PETERSON, Amanda and Samuel, Holladay, boy, Oct. 7.

PETERSON, Lisa and Eric, West Valley, boy, Oct. 13.

SUNDBERG, Taralee and Derek, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 12.

THOMPSON, Tricia and Michael, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 10.

VANSLEEWEN, Suzette and Scott, Kearns, boy, Oct. 11.

McKay-Dee Hospital Center-

CABELLO, Lorena and ARCHULETA, Al, Ogden, girl, Oct. 16.

CALTON, Kathryn and William, Ogden, girl, Oct. 16.

INGRAM, Lori and Morgan, Brigham City, boy, Oct. 16.

JONES, Tami and Timothy, Ogden, girl, Oct. 16.

RODRIGUEZ, Adriana and Marco, Ogden, girl, Oct. 15.

WILHELMSEN, Cathy and Brian, Ogden, boy, Oct. 15.

WILLIAMS, Sandy and Jeffery, Ogden, boy, Oct. 16.

WOOLSTENHULME, Pamela and Bryan, Oakley, girl, Oct. 16.

University Hospital-

BOWLES, Shannon and Brian, Herriman, boy, Oct. 15.

CARLSON, Tiffany and PORTER, Tabor, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 14.

DEGRAW, Sarah and Tyler, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 14.

FORD, Glenda and VILLASMIL, Elys, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 11.

GARDNER-DEE, Karen and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 11.

HANSEN, Shaunae and Max, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 15.

HULS, Lauren and Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 11.

ISAACSON, Sheila and Ron, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 16.

JONES, Cynthia and William, Echo, boy, Oct. 12.

LOPEZ, Monica and ARGUMEDO, Juan, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 11.

MARQUEZ, Joann and DARTY, Johnnie, West Valley, girl, Oct. 13.

MILA, Lillian and Tim, Salt Lake City, girl, Oct. 11.

MILLER, Laura and Lewis, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 14.

NEWSOME, Tiffanie and Jed, Ephraim, boy, Oct. 12.

RUIZ, Erasema, West Valley, girl, Oct. 14.

SMITH, Liza and Earl, Magna, boy, Oct. 14.

STANLEY, Angel and David, Sandy, boy, Oct. 16.

WINWARD, Jamie and NEIELSON, Troy, West Valley, girl, Oct. 16.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

BEAUDRY, Marta and Kent, TWINS, boy, girl, Provo, Oct. 10.

OTTO, Sara and Matthew, American Fork, TWINS, boys, Oct. 14.

ANDERSON, Christy and Jeremy, Provo, girl, Oct. 13.

ANDERSON, Wendy and Matthew, Spanish Fork, boy, Oct. 11.

ARNOLD, Mindy and Jeffrey, Springville, girl, Oct. 15.

BLACK, Stacy and Everett, American Fork, boy, Oct. 10.

BULTEZ, Marianne and Eric, Provo, girl, Oct. 6.

BURR, Cherilyn and John, Orem, girl, Sept. 16.

CHAPPELL, Jeanette and Alex, West Jordan, boy, Oct. 13.

CROCKETT, Adrianne and Don, Provo, girl, Oct. 10.

DAVENPORT, Kristen and Robert, Orem, boy, Oct. 9.

DECKER, Kelly and Jeffrey, Springville, girl, Oct. 15.

EAGAR, Cynthia and Douglas, Provo, boy, Oct. 13.

GILLESPIE, Sue and Michael, Alpine, girl, Oct. 13.

HALL, Elizabeth and Lyman, Provo, girl, Oct. 12.

HAMBLIN, Julianne and Steven, Provo, boy, Oct. 10.

HAMILTON, Jesse and Blaine, Provo, girl, Oct. 11.

HANSEN, Marrissa and DAVIS, Jeremy, Payson, girl, Oct. 12.

HORNE, Shannon and Peter, Orem, girl, Oct. 10.

HUGHES, Whitney and Stephen, Provo, boy, Oct. 12.

JONES, Rebecca and Daniel, Orem, boy, Oct. 8.

JONES, Tamara and Jeremiah, Orem, girl, Oct. 11.

LEGAS, Jennifer and Adam, Provo, boy, Oct. 13.

LESA, Laverna and Taaumanaia, Provo, boy, Oct. 10.

MARTIN, Alisha and Kyle, Provo, girl, Oct. 12.

MARTINEZ, Silvia, Provo, girl, Oct. 9.

MOORE, Leianne and HAWS, Mike, Provo, boy, Oct. 10.

PRIEGO, Aracely and Ruben, Provo, girl, Oct. 11.

ROBERTS, Elorie and GREGG, Michael, Springville, boy, Oct. 13.

ROBINSON, Lori and Steve, Provo, boy, Oct. 13.

SMITH, Jayme and Steven, Orem, girl, Oct. 9.

STAHELI, Tracy and Richard, American Fork, boy, Oct. 12.

STODTMEISTER, Janet anf Greg, Spanish Fork, boy, Oct. 10.

SUTHERLAND, Christine and Sam, Spanish Fork, girl, Sept. 29.

TURNER, Kristen and Dan, Orem, boy, Oct. 10.

VanMETER, Karen and WERNER, David, Orem, boy, Oct. 9.

WALKER, Heather and Lance, Lehi, boy, Oct. 13.

WILLIAMS, Sharee and Phil, Provo, girl, Oct. 10.

WITT, Linda and Leo, Heber, boy, Oct. 9.

WOODWARD, Diane and Bruce, Orem, girl, Oct. 10.