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MONDAY: International Whaling Commission meets in Monaco. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien arrives in Moscow for a visit.

TUESDAY: Oral arguments before the Montana Supreme Court in a lawsuit by sportsmen's groups challenging a $8.5 million land exchange between Ted Turner and the state of Montana.WEDNESDAY: President Clinton meets Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew in Washington. 1997 Cable-Ace Awards announced in International & Craft categories.

THURSDAY: Municipal and regional elections to be held throughout Algeria. Yasser Arafat visits Germany, including talks with Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

FRIDAY: - Marv Albert is scheduled for sentencing in Arlington, Va., for misdemeanor assault and battery.

SATURDAY: - Million Woman March brings women from across the nation to march up Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The 920 area code takes effect in northeastern Wisconsin.

SUNDAY: Daylight-saving time ends (fall back).