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Kipp is sweet and needs a lot of care

Kipp, 8, born on March 26, 1988, has a sweet personality, though he can be stubborn.

He has significant developmental delays and central nervous system abnormalities. Because he has difficulty maintaining his weight, he gets several cans of supplemental food through a gastrostomy tube every night.Kipp goes to physical, occupational and speech therapy weekly and his foster mom provides him some therapy at home. He feeds himself and can partially dress himself.

Kipp is in a special education first grade class. He'll need special programs all of his life, including a supervised living situation as an adult. He's been in foster care since January 1994. After a month in his first foster home, he was moved to a medical foster home. He's been in his second medical foster home since September 1996. Kipp was bonded to his birth mother and may take some time to attach to an adoptive family. He responds well to adults and likes to have other children around.

Two-parent families and single mothers who believe they can meet Kipp's needs will be considered. He has three brothers and a sister living in foster care and with relatives with whom he should stay in touch. Some financial assistance is available.