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Tylenol labels, ads to tell of risk to kids

Makers of the nation's most popular pain reliever will tell parents for the first time through labels and advertising that too much Tylenol can harm their children.

Relatively small overdoses of acetaminophen - Tylenol's active ingredient - have been blamed for liver damage and even deaths in children in the United States. The Associated Press first reported the problem last year.Containers with new labeling for infant Tylenol are scheduled to reach stores in six to seven weeks, said Ron Schmid, a spokesman for the manufacturer, McNeil Consumer Products Co.

Labels will caution that the contents are concentrated acetaminophen and "taking more than the recommended dose could cause serious health risks," Schmid said.

Beginning next month, McNeil will also place magazine ads to inform parents about correct dosages. A public service TV campaign is in the works as well.