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Farmington may repaint its police cars

Farmington may go back to the two-tone police cars of years ago.

Police Chief Jeff Jacobson said black-and-white police cars are more effective than all-white cars."They're more readily recognized and remembered," he said.

A two-tone paint job costs some $500 a car, so the city can't do every car at once. But Jacobson would like to try a few out.

The City Council has agreed in principle to his idea.

Jacobson also wants to try a few other ways to enhance the city's law enforcement.

He wants to convert two city motorcycles to street bikes. They're mainly dirt bikes now.

"They would really help us on saturation patrols," he said.

In addition, he wants to budget in the future for a portable speed indicator unit.

"They're a very effective tool," he said. Neighboring Layton has such a unit. They cost over $10,000.

Jacobson also wants to try using a dummy in a stationary patrol car to deter speeders.

He said the public will not know if the car has a dummy or a real officer since they'll switch occasionally.

Jacobson said Farmington police are busier than ever. The number of incidents in the last year prove that.

From January to September of 1996, Farmington police responded to some 9,731 resident calls. So far the total is 12,410 for the same period this year.

"People are calling us more," he said. They have responded to 12,410 residents calls so far this year compared with 9,731 in the same period last year.