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Latest collecting craze: milk moustaches

Where's your milk mustache?

Not only on your face, but papering your locker, plastering your walls, peering down from your ceiling or carefully placed in the plastic sleeves of your notebook, if you're one of the thousands caught up in the latest collecting craze.Some of the same cool kids who can recite the names, birthdays and poems of every Beanie Baby are concentrating on a more healthful (and cheaper) hobby: collecting milk mustaches, both the ads and the real things.

"We just started collecting them about a week ago, and we already have 40 between us," said Frances Benoist, 11, speaking for herself and a friend, Keri DeVos, also 11.

"The Phantom is the most popular right now, and the Miss America one," Benoist says. "I like Martha Stewart best because she's hugging a cow. It's neat because it tries to get kids healthier, and it's good for little kids."

Adds DeVos: "I used to not drink milk, because I think whole milk tastes funny, but now I drink skim milk. I just thought they were a really funny thing to collect, and they might be worth something someday."

The people who created the ad campaign are surprised at the collectible status of milk mustaches.

But last week, the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board added the kids-oriented "Club Milk" to its Web site - - with games, contests, recipes, behind-the-scenes details on how the ads are made and inside info on celebrities in future ads.

For more info, you can also call the Why Milk hot line, (800) WHY-MILK.