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Vote in Orem city election

Once again it is time for city elections. Orem has the opportunity to elect a mayor and three council members. There are 12 people to choose from. On Oct. 7, we narrow the field down to six people. With 43,000-plus registered voters, that shouldn't be a real problem.

But wait a minute, two years ago only 12 percent of registered voters voted in the primary. That means that about 100 people per voting district will be deciding what direction our city will travel for the next four years. No big deal, right? These people don't have any effect on our daily lives. I mean, like, if the lights of a new business will be shining in our bedroom window all night. Or if we have to move to make way for a wider street. Or if our children are killed because a street remains unsafe.So, what can you do to make this a meaningful election? Call the city recorder for a candidate list. Then call and talk to the candidates. Hey, call me in the evening or on a weekend and I will fax you the list. Host a "Meet the Candidates" night at your home and invite the candidates to come meet your neighbors. Send $10 to a candidate of your choice. Carpool to the polls. That's right, grab someone you don't think will go vote on their own and drag them to the polls with you. Mark it on your calendar or planner. Just do it. Please get informed and vote. It does matter.

Bruce R. Decker

Candidate for Orem City Council