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Call a foul on Little League

This summer we attended all of our son's Little League All-Star games that were hosted by the Kearns Little League. We were impressed with the cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities that they operate on county-owned property. The fields, dugouts and bleachers were in good maintenance, and the Kearns Little League even provided first- and second- place trophies.

In fact, we noticed this about every facility we go to except the facilities in our city of Taylorsville. This has enraged many parents who have to endure the substandard facilities that are in disrepair and the squalor of the snack bar of the Taylors-ville Little league, which is also county-owned property. The fields are terrible, bleachers are a risk to sit on, and in closing ceremonies, the All Star players are given cheap ribbons that could not cost more than a few cents apiece.Every year, the price at registration goes up and the quality in return goes down. It now costs over $60 to $70 to register a kid in Little League now. That is not a bad deal if it is like the Kearns league, where it is apparent that a return on fees is made, but in Taylorsville it is like paying another tax, getting little in return. Parents of Taylorsville who have kids in sports, you know what I am talking about, and you know who is the problem. And now is the time to take action. The problem has been Lana Gray, president of the Taylorsville Little League, who is now running for Taylorsville City Council. Parents who know the history better than I say moves to nominate someone new have always been thwarted. Usually with unadvertised meetings where she seems to be quietly reinstated as president of the league.

This woman is not a suitable leader for Taylorsville city, and she has a track record to prove it.

We need people in government who are open and honest and willing to serve and not for power and who believes in serving for a while and then getting out. Let us not have local government become like the national government that we are so frustrated with.

Allen Luker