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NBC's Ohlmeyer admits he goofed

Maybe NBC's Don Ohlmeyer doesn't want a World Series sweep, after all.

In what seemed like staged pronouncements, NBC Sports president Dick Ebersol told reporters about Ohlmeyer's apology on Sunday night before Game 2. Acting commissioner Bud Selig then came on the field to say the matter was settled."Bud and Don had a talk between the top and bottom of the sixth inning (of Game 1), and Don said it was a pretty dumb thing to say," Ebersol said.

Ohlmeyer, president of NBC West Coast, said baseball interrupted the network's entertainment schedule, including its highly rated Thursday night lineup.

"We're looking for four and out," he said Friday. "Either way, that's what we want. The faster it's over with, the better it is."

Cleveland and Miami-Fort Lauderdale are not exactly the largest TV markets. NBC was hoping for bigger cities.

"If you have a series that has two top-10 cities as far as market size, you'll have higher ratings to start with," Ebersol said, adding that the Indians and Marlins could get better ratings if there are "compelling games."

DON'T CALL ME `DH': Bobby Bonilla plays infield. Bobby Bonilla plays outfield.

But under absolutely, positively no circumstances - that's never, ever for those who didn't hear him the first time - will he be a designted hitter when the World Series shifts to Cleveland on Tuesday night.

"I'm not DH-ing, trust me," Bonilla said following Game 2 Sunday. "I think I'm 0-for-the-world DH-ing."

Bonilla's relationship with Orioles manager Davey Johnson soured last year when he resisted playing as a designated hitter.

Manager Jim Leyland has repeatedly said he won't use Bonilla as a DH. But Leyland admitted that cold weather and Bonilla's strained left hamstring are a bad combination.

JUSTICE REMEMBERS: Cleveland outfielder David Justice said Sunday the biggest moment of his career was his Game 6 homer for Atlanta that beat the Indians in the 1995 World Series.

"I knew I was walking into a stadium where everybody wanted me to fail because of what I said," said Justice, who had commented during that series about the lack of noise generated by fans in Atlanta.

Justice said playing the Braves in the World Series would be no better than playing the Marlins.

"If the Braves were here, they wouldn't even be saying anything about me," Justice said.

THIS 'N' THAT: Gary Sheffield has at least one walk in all 11 of Florida's postseason games. His total of 15 is a postseason record, topping the 14 by Albert Belle of Cleveland in 1995. . . . Cleveland won a road game in the World Series for the first time since Game 6 in 1948. The Indians had lost six straight Series road games.


Additional Information

World Series

(Series tied 1-1)

Game 1: Florida 7, Cleveland 4

Game 2: Cleveland 6, Florida 1

Game 3: Tuesday, Florida (Leiter 11-9) at Cleveland (Nagy 15-11), 6:20 p.m.

Game 4: Wednesday, Florida (Saunders 4-6) at Cleveland (Wright 8-3), 6:20 p.m.

Game 5: Thursday, Florida at Cleveland, 6:20 p.m.

Game 6*: Saturday, Cleveland at Florida, 6 p.m.

Game 7*: Sunday, Cleveland at Florida, 5:35 p.m.

*-if necessary