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Meteor crash in Nevada may have altered climate

New geological studies show that a huge chunk of space debris slammed into southern Nevada 367 million years ago, possibly leading to significant climatic change, according to report scheduled for release Monday.

The report by John E. Warme of the Colorado School of Mines and Hans-Christian Kuehner of the Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum, Netherlands, was prepared for delivery at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, which has drawn an estimated 4,000 geologists to the Salt Palace Convention Center. The sessions continue through Thursday.The impact created unique concentric spheres, similar to hailstones but made of rock, which were found in the Alamo bed in southern Nevada.

Other papers that were slated for Monday include information about early Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Dalton Wells Quarry at the base of the Cedar Mountain Formation near Moab, three previously unreported types of dinosaur footprints discovered in Arizona, and the search for life in the solar system.