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Cayman Islands closes `Swim with Dolphins'

Visitors to the Cayman Islands can dine on endangered turtle but they won't get to swim with the dolphins if environmentalists have their way.

The government has temporarily halted the controversial "Swim with the Dolphins" attraction, which allowed visitors to frolic with the friendly aquatic mammals, amid protests that it constitutes animal cruelty.Fernado Delgado sought permission to set up a dolphin pool inside the state-run Cayman Turtle Farm, where endangered green turtles are bred for local consumption and others are released into the wild.

Turtle meat is a staple in this British Caribbean colony, most often served up as a hearty stew.

But Ken Hydes, manager of the state-run Cayman Turtle Farm, said in a letter to Delgado that negotiations for the project were "subject to approval and ratification" of the farm board.

The project is modeled after the popular "Swim with the Dolphins" attraction in Cancun, Mexico.