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UTA should improve route

Where is the UTA 73X bus for Layton riders? This is the only express bus from Ogden that goes to the U. of U. Hospital and Research Park (my office location). We need and deserve a stop in Layton. For nine months, we have made calls to UTA, sent letters, attended meetings and pleaded for some stops along Highway 89. We are taxpayers too and entitled to express-bus service on 89 along Layton.

It seems illegal that this bus stops only in South Ogden at the Wilshire Theater, then travels almost 10 miles south on 89 to Kaysville, the next stop. It then turns south on Crestwood to an LDS ward house, picks up passengers, makes a continuing six-block circuitous path through a hilly residential area (drivers hate this in the winter time on slick, icy roads) before it travels east again the three blocks back to 89. This entire diversion takes 6-8 minutes in perfect weather, much longer in winter. Amazingly, only about 2.5 blocks later, there are two stops in the wee community of Fruit Heights and another at Smith's Food King in Farmington before it heads to Salt Lake City on 1-15. The last four stops are all within a two-mile area.I must drive 5.8 miles north of my street, Sunset Drive (2500 N.), to the Wilshire Theater or 4.8 miles south to Crestwood to catch this bus. In addition, for over a week there has been standing room only (7:15 a.m. bus). Today, 14 people stood. It's going to be worse in bad weather when more folks ride the bus. What liability for UTA if we have an accident on the freeway.

We need to eliminate the Crestwood stop as Fruit Heights is just a couple of blocks away. We need more 73X buses so riders from the 72X bus could support it, too. This is only fair and would be safer, more efficient and the bus could arrive in Salt Lake City on time or sooner than it does now.

Everyone seems to be "passing the buck" on settling this issue. Time is of the essence now. I-15 is such a bad situation, cool weather is here and the snow is already falling. Help. Thanks from a concerned citizen.

Nadine N. Ferre'