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US WEST rips off Utahns

As a new resident of Utah, I feel impelled to express my opinion of the US WEST proposed raise for monthly phone services by $9 monthly. I am enclosing copies of one of my last telephone bills (August 1996) from G.T.E. in California and the current bill paid to US WEST (September 1997). The difference for basic services is quite apparent, $17.51 (US WEST) and $6.30 (G.T.E.).

Having been a customer of both General and Pacific Telephone Companies, I can assure you I can recognize good service from bad. US WEST states that it needs the extra monies to maintain the quality of its services. Never in three states have I ever encountered such inadequate service. Many times I have given up in disgust while trying to reach my desired party. Unless and until there is competition for this unscrupulous, greedy corporation, it seems we are destined to be at their mercy as unwilling victims.Vera Oversby