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Teen hospitalized after being shot in hand

A Kearns teenager was in stable condition at an area hospital Monday morning after having surgery to remove a bullet from his hand.

Kevin Holmes, 16, was shot in the right hand while sitting in a car that was waiting to make a left turn at the intersection of 1700 South and 900 North at about midnight Sunday night.According to a report from the Salt Lake City police, Holmes, who was a passenger in the car, said a man approached the car on foot and yelled something about the keys to the vehicle before shooting him. The assailant was wearing a white T-shirt, a long, dark overcoat and a San Francisco baseball cap.

The bullet entered the top of Holmes' hand, but did not exit, the police report said.

The driver, 20-year-old Shane Underhill of Salt Lake City, told police he saw the man holding a small black handgun and heard him say to leave the area. He drove to Salt Lake Regional Medical Center to get medical attention for Holmes before calling police.

Police are still looking for a suspect, Lt. Phil Kirk said.