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Dickson return is welcome

As a lifelong resident of this area, I am a bit incredulous about the criticism I've been reading regarding Amanda Dick-son's return to KSL - which, I believe, when compared with what exists on radio, to be one of the most positive events to occur on local radio in a long time. I was so pleased to hear of our good fortune in hearing of her return to KSL. Many years ago I became acquainted with her as my Saturday afternoon "clean the garage" friend. For that boring job, she was a most pleasant diversion as I listened to KSL.

Later I listened to her as I drove to work and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her insightful comments on the day's events. I was remarkably disappointed as I learned that she was leaving KSL for the legal profession. At that point I began to become acquainted with other stations during "drive time," most of whom did not measure up to Amanda Dickson. I have found her to be extremely bright, highly articulate, totally well-informed and the energy that she displays so early in the morning is amazing. It's really incredible. My wife met with her a few years ago and commented how pleasant, amiable and down to earth she was on that occasion.My hope is that Amanda will be on KSL for an extended period. And for those few of you that might not agree, give her another chance. You very likely will grow to like her, her style and her abilities as so many do.

Bayard M. Taylor