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Abandoned baby at church may be 12-year-old's

A 6-day-old boy was found in a box with a note suggesting that his mother is 12 years old and could not keep him.

The infant, who was conscious but not crying, had a body temperature of only 94 degrees. He is being treated for hypothermia and possible infections and will likely be placed with a foster family."If we do not find the mother in six months, this baby can be adopted," police Cmdr. Gwen Elliott said Monday.

Richard Keenan, a security guard, was inspecting the grounds at Magee-Womens Hospital Sunday when he discovered the baby and the note printed on lined paper.

"This is Jacob. Please help him. He's 6 days old. I can't keep him. I'm only 12. He's very good baby," the message read.

Police were asking for help finding the mother. They said it was unlikely that she was able to keep the infant secret for six days.

"It's not only Baby Jacob that we're concerned about, but about his mother and his family and the potential need for her to receive medical care," said Dr. Charles Bender of Magee-Womens Hospital.

The baby will be turned over to Allegheny County Children and Youth Services, which will probably place him in a foster home while his parents are being sought, Elliott said.

Another abandoned baby died last year after he was left in a church yard on Easter Sunday.