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Caption Only: Blasts from the past resound at rail yard

Railroad engines make their way to the Union Pacific switching yard in Roseville, Calif., Monday. On Sunday, eight 250-pound Vietnam-era bombs, uncovered by construction crews earlier in the month at the yard, were detonated. The bombs were buried remnants from a massive explosion of a munitions train in 1973. Although nobody died, the thunderous blasts were heard more than 40 miles away. And the memory of that April day in 1973 and the 12 hours of explosions that rocked the area some 15 miles east of Sacramento remain vivid. The blasts came so fast and furious that nobody knew whether all the bombs had gone off. It turns out some were driven into the ground by the force of the blast, only to be discovered earlier this month. Residents now joke that their song is "Home, Home on the Artillery Range."