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Taco sauce adds zest to dinners

Manwich doesn't just mean Sloppy Joes these days. A Manwich sauce can help you make burritos as well and now, tacos. The new Manwich Taco Seasoning Sauce retails for $1.39 for the 15.5-ounce can.

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "It has been our experience that `Manwich' products are really just `Hamburger Helper' in disguise. So armed with this fact, the first thing we did was double the amount of hamburger called for in the instructions to lessen the dreaded aftershock. After taking this necessary precaution, we topped off our tacos with a couple of Tums. So we actually enjoyed this meal and in a moment of weakness may partake again."Edyth Jensen (married, one daughter and two grandkids at home): "This sauce had just enough spice to be interesting for tacos. If someone wants their's with any more spice they can add some. Manwich taco sauce makes a moist taco that holds together. However, if you are like one of our sons, it was too moist. He said it tasted like a taco-flavored sloppy joe mix in a taco shell. Still, this would be good to have on hand for a quick fix."

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 6-16): "We rather enjoyed this new sauce. It wasn't quite as sugary sweet as many prepared sauces and certainly tasted better than most any dried sauce we've tried. Hunt's lists the top ingredients as tomato concentrate, onions and green chiles, followed by the usual sugar and salt. If you're in a rut with your usual taco flavoring, you might want to give Manwich a whirl."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, two sons at home): "We are big fans of all `Manwich' flavors. The taco flavor is wonderful. I made it with elk burger and it was still great. It's so convenient and a lot better than packaged mixes which can be too strong. (But you can definitely use more meat than they suggest!) We love Mexican food, and I was thrilled Manwich added this to their other flavors. We'll keep buying them all."

Rich Firmage (married, four children, oldest 12 years old): "This will make enough hamburger mix for a ton of tacos. I used just a bit with some hamburger and it was pretty good - not too strong. If you are fixing tacos for lots of people, go buy this stuff."

Bill Allred (married): "In January we reviewed Hunt's Manwich Burrito Sauce. I wasn't crazy about that one. This taco sauce, however, is somewhat better. It's quick and easy and not too salty as many of these products can be. It could be a bit spicier, but that is easily remedied with some diced green chilies and and some chili powder. I would buy this again, but for a really good taco . . . buy one at the Blue Iguana."

Conclusion: They liked it, Mikey! They liked it! When you're in need of quick, homemade tacos - grab Manwich. This little sauce makes a pretty tasty dinner.