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Idaho mutt foils cops in dogged freeway chase

A diminutive mixed-breed dog is no match for a sheriff's deputy driving a cruiser, an animal control officer armed with a snare and midday I-90 traffic, right?

Wrong.A cockapoo mix managed to elude the deputy and the dogcatcher despite more than an hourlong pursuit Thursday along a six-mile stretch of freeway.

"It probably looked kind of funny because I had all the (police cruiser's) lights going, trying to catch a poodle," said Kootenai County Deputy Barry Alleman.

Dispatchers began receiving calls at midmorning reporting a dog running on the freeway. The brown-and-black mutt ran against traffic, scurried between cars and jumped a concrete median a few times.

Alleman feared a serious accident and the dogged pursuit was on.

He teamed up with animal control officer Glenn Weeks, who sat in the cruiser's back seat and held a pole snare out a window. Alleman hit an air horn and sounded his siren to try to keep the animal off the freeway.

But the dog darted away each time the cruiser approached.

"He was fast and he wasn't going to come to anybody," Alleman said.

The dog eventually scampered up a freeway offramp and away from his pursuers. The pooch was last seen near an elementary school.