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Tiger takes to the skies as fast as a flying golf ball

Who needs a practice round?

In Las Vegas for a golf tournament, Tiger Woods climbed into an F-16 jet Monday for a loop- and barrel roll-filled ride over the desert at 570 mph. He even piloted the Air Force Thunderbird with a little help."I'd love to do it again," Woods said after his flight with Maj. Randy Lane at Nellis Air Force Base. "I don't know how those guys do it."

Decked out in a flight suit, Woods flashed a "V" sign as the plane taxied out to the runway. Then Lane cranked it up, turning the red, white and blue jet on its tail, going straight up at nearly 500 mph. In a matter of seconds the plane had climbed to 13,000 feet.

"Wow!" Woods exclaimed.

"He was a natural," Lane said after the flight. "I was very aggressive. I showed him all the maneuvers we do in our shows. He was ready for more.

"He's quite an athlete and was obviously in good shape," Lane said.