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Kaysville is targeting dangerous intersections

What intersections in the city cause the most accidents?

The junction of 300 South and South Main Street is No. 1, having produced 74 accidents from 1994-1996, according to a new study given to the city by the J-U-B engineering firm.Main Street at 200 North is second worst with 32 accidents during those same years, while the junction of 200 North and 400 West is next with 19.

Rounding out the top five accident producers are the east side of the I-15 junction on 200 North with 17 accidents and the west side of the I-15 junction with 14.

The J-U-B study also recommends the next three intersections in the city that will likely qualify for new traffic signals in the near future.

They are 300 South and Main Street, Burton Lane and South Main Street, and the I-15 exits on 200 North.

Engineers say installing a traffic signal at a busy or accident-prone intersection doesn't always reduce the number of accidents, though it usually decreases their severity.