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Too many Utah highways?

Your Oct. 15 report on the imminent opening of another bit of the Bangerter Highway makes me wonder once again about UDOT and its skill level. Your reporter quoted the project engineer, Dave Eixenberger, as saying that the new road is "just going through farmland," as though that was somehow less significant than "going through" any other land. There's no such thing as "just" farmland. Farms produce food. What do the people at UDOT eat? Concrete?

Eixenberger also says that the Bangerter Highway will connect to I-15 "so as to accommodate future growth." I don't know what they teach in engineering school, or what they preach at UDOT, but it clearly isn't anything close to an understanding of the reality of highway building. Reputable study after reputable study after reputable study has shown that major highway construction does not accommodate future growth. On the contrary, highway construction creates growth.Do we really want a continual series of highways in our valley? First there was I-15, now there's this Bangerter Highway, and next UDOT's lunatic Legacy Highway scheme might be forced down our throats. Is that what we want in our valley? More growth? More smog? More dangerous intersections? Give us alternatives, UDOT, and soon.

Patrick de Freitas

Salt Lake City