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GM now offers a Seville built for Asian market

General Motors Corp. premiered a right-hand drive version of its Cadillac Seville on Tuesday, the first American-made luxury car specially tailored for Japanese drivers.

The Seville, built in the Detroit-Hamtramck plant alongside the U.S. version, has the steering wheel on the right for driving on the left side of roads.GM has its eyes on the entire Asian market, including China and Thailand, as well as Australia. And the Seville is a key part of its strategy to expand exports in the region.

Prices will range from about $43,600 for the SLS model to $49,600 for the Seville STS with more horsepower. Both are cheaper than the Toyota Lexus, sold as the Celsior in Japan for about $62,000.

GM, which has also introduced a right-hand drive Seville for the European market, hopes to increase the portion of Sevilles it sells outside the United States from 5 percent to more than 20 percent over the next several years.

The No. 1 automaker expects the world luxury car market to grow from 3 million to 4 million vehicles in the next five years, much of it in Asia.

GM officials were optimistic about the Japanese market, despite a weaker yen that has hurt imports in Japan.