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Logan mayor to run as write-in

Lame-duck Mayor Darla Clark says she'll mount a write-in campaign to retain her seat after losing in the primary election.

"I am definitely not a quitter, and I have worked too hard the last four years to see Logan go backwards or go nowhere," Clark said.Clark came in third in the primary two weeks ago, losing to former mayor Newel Daines and Doug Thompson. She demanded a recount last week, which showed she lost by 41 votes.

"In the last two weeks, I have been overwhelmed by the contact I have received from Logan citizens who have expressed shock and disappointment over the primary election results," Clark said. "I have received literally hundreds of calls and contacts at my home and office encouraging me to not quit."

Clark said her decision is based partly on a survey that shows a large number of undecided votes. It is those people she will target with her campaign. She also said that many of her supporters, convinced that she would be a shoo-in, did not vote in the primary.