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Legacy road shortsighted

The Salt Lake Valley economy is good and the population is growing. This has some positive implications for the state. However, the way the governor wants to move all these people up and down the Wasatch Front has only negative impacts. Building the Legacy Highway, a six-lane, divided freeway from north of Ogden all the way south to Nephi is shortsighted and will only contribute to the type of urban sprawl that we have seen take place in Los Angeles. It will increase our already serious pollution problems and will threaten the fragile world-renowned wetlands near the Great Salt Lake that is home for many species of birds.

What we need is not more ribbons of concrete filling up the narrow space between the mountains and the lake. What we need is more careful and thoughtful community planning that will allow people to work, learn, shop and worship within a short distance from their homes so they don't have to drive long distances and more extensive and reliable public transportation so when people do need to travel they have a viable and convenient alternative to their cars.Donni Toth

Salt Lake City