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Lawsuit could limit summer use of Yellowstone, too

An effort to stop snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park could eventually lead to a limit on summer use of the park, said U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi.

Enzi, in his weekly interview with Wyoming reporters, said he believes the lawsuit filed by an animal rights group and a conservation group could lead to a move to analyze the impacts of the park's summer use on wildlife."It isn't just a winter use problem that we are talking about here because another step would be to have the lawsuit over summer use, where humans in the park in summertime aren't putting stress on the animals that are there," he said.

Enzi and U.S. Sen. Craig Thomas have both been outspoken critics of the lawsuit filed by Fund for Animals and the Biodiversity Foundation over what the groups said was the National Park Service's failure to determine the impacts of the park's winter use on wildlife.

The two have also criticized the Park Service for agreeing to settle the lawsuit by conducting an environmental impact statement on park winter use and to close at least one snowmobile trail for several years to study the impact of halting snowmobile traffic.

"I don't think that enough effort has been put into deciding exactly what would be studied and why it would be studied and what the potential results would be," Enzi said.