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Why wasn't dog leashed?

Responding to the controversy concerning the police officer who shot and killed the dog, I would like to point out the following:

In Salt Lake County, there is a leash law. Anytime a dog is out of a fenced yard, it must be on a leash. The dog was not on a leash.The owner claims the dog would never hurt or attack anyone. I have worked with animals for more than 12 years and know that no one can absolutely guarantee a animal's behavior. Some dogs that have never bitten before will bite out of fear, especially in a situation which, to the dog, is unfamiliar or threatening.

The officer was jogging on his lunch break during the midnight hour when the dog attacked. He shot the dog in self-defense.

The owner is contradicting herself. First she says she heard the shooting and saw her dog running away. Now, two weeks later, she says she witnessed the actual shooting and saw the policeman shoot the dog right between the eyes. How clear can she see the episode at night, when this all occurred, and how could the officer shoot the dog right between the eyes if the dog was running away?

If the dog had injured the officer, the owner would have been responsible for any medical bills. The dog would have been quarantined even if his rabies vaccination were current. Then, after the 10-day quarantine, the dog would be put down.

Although I love animals with a deep passion, I realize that human life is much more valuable. This is a sad situation that could have been avoided had the dog been on a leash.

Elizabeth Brimley