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Ansell recalls condoms

Ansell Personal Products is recalling millions of condoms because some of them may break.

The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday an estimated 57 million condoms from the Lifestyles, Prime and Contempo brands are subject to the recall."That doesn't mean there are 57 million bad condoms," emphasized FDA spokeswoman Sharon Snider.

But when New Jersey-based Ansell discovered that some condoms could deteriorate before their expiration dates, it couldn't predict exactly which batches were at risk. So to be safe, it recalled every variety in question, Snider said.

The FDA urged consumers to check their condoms to ensure they had not already bought the recalled brands.

The agency also urged consumers to check the expiration dates on all condoms, because using any expired brand poses a risk.

Consumers may call 1-800-883-3434 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT for more information.